The bond we have with our guides and representatives in all the islands of Cape Verde allow us to propose trips and experiences tailored to your desires and dreams. From Santo Antão to Brava we offer quality services and unique experiences to our customers. Cabo Verde Known as a popular destination for outdoor activities, the tourists can hike through the mountains of the islands of Santo Antão,São Nicolau, Santiago and Fogo which offer breathtaking views of the ocean and spectacular landscapes. The islands of São Vicente, Sal and Boa Vista these are paradisiacal islands for lovers of windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, diving and much more. Our purpose of offering trips of your dreams and unique experiences always lead us in search of new itineraries. The list of programs below are perfectly flexible and changeable and can serve as a basis for preparing your dream trip… We also have day hikes/excursions, and  short stays. Contact us and  let us know what is your desire and we will contact you quickly with proposals that meet your expectations.

(Cape Verde in 15 Days) 1680€  Per Person 

Trek - Carnival and adventures

(Cape Verde in 10 days) 880€ Per Person 

Trek-the discovery of a creole country

(Cape Verde in 9 days) 890€ Per Person 

Trek-Family Program

(Cape Verde in 9 days) 780€ Per Person 

Trek- Mountains, Endemic Plants and Ocean

(Cape Verde in 9 days) 890€ Per Person 

Trek- Nature, Culture and morabeza

(Cape Verde in 7days) 780€ Per Person 

Trek-Rural villages crossing

(Cape Verde in 9 days) 890€ Per Person 

Trek-Santo Antão big crossing

(Cape Verde in 15 days) 1260€ Per Person 

Trek-topo de coroa and terraces crops

(Cape Verde in 9 days) 890€ Per Person 

Trek-Morabeza of Cape Verde at your feet

(Cape Verde in 13 days) 1300€  Per Person 

Trek-snorkel with turtles and Trekking

(Cape Verde in 10 days) 850€  Per Person 

Trek-Hiking on the natural treasures

(Cape Verde in 13 days)  1300€  Per Person 

Alto Peixinho, Porto Novo, Santo Antão, Cabo Verde | Phone: (+238) 352 21 31 | Cell Phone: (+238) 9741896 | Email:booking@soltur.cv

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Necessary Equipment


  • A scarf to protect the neck

  • 1 or 2 thermal underwear (short or long sleeve T-shirts – )

  • Cap or hat for the sun

  •  1 light fleece or equivalent (warm for the southern winter months – T-shirts)

  • (short and long sleeves), preferably in technical material with quick drying

  • A breathable waterproof windproof jacket with a Gore

  •  1 long shorts or Bermuda shorts

  • A pair of sunglasses (high protection factor)

  •  Sun protection cream (face and lips)

  •  A multi-purpose pocket knife

  • A pair of telescopic hiking poles (recommended

  • 1 comfortable walking pants

  • 1 pair of waterproof, comfortable “trekking” shoes with a rising upper and grippy sole (Vibram type). They must hold onto the ground well. The trails in Cape Verde can be both muddy and rocky

  • 1 pair of sneakers or equivalent light shoes for the evening

  • Pairs of walking socks

  • Swimsuit 


Your guide has a first aid pharmacy. However, it is recommended to bring your personal pharmacy: elastoplast, iodized alcohol, aspirin, intestinal antiseptic, small scissors, tricosteril, sun protection cream, personal medication …