Cape Verde, an enchanting archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, is a must-see destination for travelers seeking natural beauty and adventure. Among its islands, São Vicente and Santo Antão stand out for their stunning landscapes and challenging trails, perfect for trekking enthusiasts. Come with us to explore these hidden treasures!

São Vicente: Vibrant Culture and Stunning Landscapes

Mindelo: The Cultural Soul of Cape Verde

São Vicente is known for its vibrant cultural scene, centered in the city of Mindelo. With its colorful colonial houses and lively streets, Mindelo is the beating heart of Cape Verdean music. Here, you can explore local markets, enjoy typical dishes in cozy restaurants and immerse yourself in the infectious atmosphere of music festivals, such as the famous Baía das Gatas Festival.

Santo Antão: Trekking Paradise

Breathtaking Landscapes

Santo Antão is Cape Verde’s natural jewel, famous for its imposing mountains, green valleys and stunning trails. The island is a true paradise for trekkers, offering routes that range from light trails to challenging hikes.

Vale do Paul: Green Oasis

Another unmissable highlight is Vale do Paul. Known for its exuberance and sugarcane cultivation, this valley is perfect for a calmer walk. Well-marked trails take you through picturesque villages and lush plantations, where you can interact with locals and learn about the island’s agricultural life.

Cova Crater: A Natural Phenomenon

For a unique experience, the trail to Cratera da Cova is essential. This former volcanic crater, now a verdant agricultural field, offers stunning views and a rewarding hike. From here, you can descend along the path to Vale do Paul, completing a spectacular circuit of nature and adventure.

Plan your Adventure with Soltur

With Soltur, you can explore these natural wonders in complete comfort and safety. Our packages include experienced guides, transport and accommodation, ensuring you have the best possible experience in São Vicente and Santo Antão. Come discover Cape Verde with us and create unforgettable memories!

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