Travel Tips to Make the Most of Summer in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a dream destination for many travelers seeking sun, paradisiacal beaches, and vibrant culture. To ensure you make the most of your trip during the summer, it’s essential to be well-prepared. In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips and a list of necessary equipment to make your stay in Cape Verde unforgettable. […]

Holiday Destinations in Cape Verde

Are you looking for an exotic and unforgettable holiday destination? Cape Verde is the perfect choice! This charming archipelago offers a unique combination of stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality that captivates every visitor. Let’s explore some of the must-see destinations in Cape Verde that will make your holiday a memorable experience. Sal Island […]

Cape Verde: The Perfect Destination for Your Next Trip

 The Perfect Destination for Your Next Trip Cape Verde: The Perfect Destination for Your Next Trip If you are looking for a destination that combines paradisiacal beaches, rich culture and warm hospitality, Cape Verde is the ideal place for your next trip. In our archipelago we offer a unique and unforgettable experience that will certainly […]

Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism

Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism: Soltur’s Commitment to a Better Future At Soltur, our mission is to promote travel experiences that respect the environment and include everyone, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, or conditions. We recognize that tourism is a powerful tool for economic and social development, and we aim to ensure that this impact is […]

Festivities of São João Batista

The festivities of São João Batista is an important cultural and religious event on the island of Santo Antão, in Cape Verde. This celebration, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, is marked by vibrant festivities that mix religious devotion with local traditions. Key aspects of the party Date and Duration: The festival is celebrated annually […]

Discover the Magic of São Vicente and Santo Antão: Paradise for Nature and Trekking Lovers

  Cape Verde, an enchanting archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, is a must-see destination for travelers seeking natural beauty and adventure. Among its islands, São Vicente and Santo Antão stand out for their stunning landscapes and challenging trails, perfect for trekking enthusiasts. Come with us to explore these hidden treasures! São Vicente: Vibrant Culture and […]

EasyJet vai ligar Portugal a Cabo Verde com preços a partir dos 84 euros

A companhia área britânica EasyJet vai ligar Portugal a Cabo Verde, com ligações Lisboa – Sal e Porto -Sal, a partir de 29 de Outubro com preços a partir dos 84 euros.  A EasyJet é a primeira companhia low cost a viajar para Cabo Verde. Um passo importante na dinamização do mercado turístico e que vai potencializar a economia cabo-verdiana.

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